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Hello Neighbors!

David is a retired City Manager with over thirty-five years of city executive experience. He knows how city government works, should work, and how the Tahoe Region Works. David will ask the tough questions and will do his homework on issues.  He will be responsive to concerns and important issues facing our small city, local businesses, and our local Tahoe residents.  David will use his 35+ years’ of city management experience to get things done.

David and Terri have lived in South Lake Tahoe 20 years and have been married for 40 years. David holds a bachelor’s degree from UC Berkeley, and a master’s degree in public administration from UCLA. He holds a certificate in management from the University of Virginia. David is proficient in Spanish, has lived as a student in Mexico, and participates in the City’s Multicultural Alliance. He is a former Major in the State Military Reserve, and the past President of the Rotary Club of South Lake Tahoe.

David is active in the League of California cities and writes a community newsletter about local, regional, and national issues. He is a “Good Government Advocate” who cares about the locals and wants to work for you on the SLT City Council.

David is retired and has no direct or indirect conflict of interest issues that could cloud his judgment on voting on matters coming before the City Council.


He and Terri have a Shih Tzu named Sierra and a cat named Sherbert.

40th Anniversary Pic.jpg

David and Terri celebrate their 40th Anniversary

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Committee to Elect David Jinkens for City Council 2022

P.O. Box 8066

South Lake Tahoe, CA 96158


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